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Loan money without collateral and any conditions can be submitted if we are in the midst of needing funds urgently. Many loan providers can choose from, starting from banks, pawnshops, cooperatives, to borrowing from relatives or friends. Of all types of loan products provided by various institutions, unsecured loans will usually be an option. The reason is clear, because we do not need to submit collateral in any form. The requirements are also simpler and the disbursement process can be faster. However, there are still several things that must be considered before applying for this type of loan.

Loans of money without collateral

Loans of money without collateral

Loans of money without collateral and any conditions do look tempting and certainly promise convenience. However, there are still a series of provisions behind these various facilities that we must understand. First is bigger interest. It is no secret that unsecured loans anywhere, both in banks and other financial institutions, will incur greater interest than conventional loans that require collateral. The amount of interest can even reach 30 percent on online loans which only require a KTP. This huge interest cannot be separated from the absence of collateral items that are surrendered so that the lender must certainly minimize the losses that might be suffered by charging higher interest rates.

In addition to large interest, unsecured money loans and any conditions in Surabaya will also require a fairly short tenor. The online loan period is usually only in the range of one month. This very short time will be detrimental to us if we do not pay immediately, because there will be a late fee charged in addition to payment installments. Compare this with conventional loans in banks that have a tenor of several years so that installments can be repaid over the long term. This short tenor is also due to the absence of collateral items that were handed over when borrowing funds.

In addition to the two main weaknesses above, loans without collateral and any conditions in Bandung remain in great demand because of myriad advantages. Among these are easy requirements, fast processes and light ceilings that allow us to apply for loans to meet the urgent needs in small amounts. Especially now that there are online loans that make us able to apply for loans faster and easier. Just give a KTP scan only, the funds will be liquid within hours. This service can be easily found because more and more people are providing it. We can apply for loan funds for various needs just by clicking on the website.

Weaknesses and the advantages of unsecured funds loans

Weaknesses and the advantages of unsecured funds loans

Paying attention to various weaknesses and the advantages of unsecured funds loans will make us get the funds needed according to usability without any later regrets. Understand fully the conditions, the conditions that apply, the advantages to the weaknesses of the loan funds submitted. Don’t let us rush into applying for a loan until you don’t have time to understand what the terms and conditions apply, then feel disadvantaged because you have to pay a higher repayment than the amount borrowed. Make a loan if you really need it and to fulfill a variety of productive needs, such as business capital. Avoid borrowing funds only to meet consumptive needs because it can lead to accumulated debt that must be repaid.

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The Young Household Loan http://www.fairyland-cattery.com/the-young-household-loan/ http://www.fairyland-cattery.com/the-young-household-loan/#respond Mon, 01 Jul 2019 11:35:40 +0000 http://www.fairyland-cattery.com/the-young-household-loan/ Starting a family requires a budget that can accompany the young household loan. This loan is granted for the installation of young households. Read more

Even though the number of marriages is decreasing in France, many young households are forming around other forms of union. In any case, the project of living together and starting a family requires a budget that can accompany the young household loan . This loan product is granted for the installation of young households .


Under what conditions do you get a young loan?

young loan

The young household loan comes in support of the couple’s first moments . It provides financing for installation and equipment purchases such as appliances, furniture, TV, etc. Applicants for this loan must:

  • to be under 35 years old on the date of the request
  • have less than four years of union (marriage, pacs)
  • have at least one dependent child
  • to be in concubinage with a first child under 2 years recognized by the lender
  • do not take out a loan for installation
  • apply for loan in the first two years of the union

In addition, the total of all gross annual resources of the household (taxable and non-taxable income) must remain under a ceiling set by the lending institution. This ceiling is fixed according to the number of tax persons present in the household (couple with 1 child, a couple without children, etc.)

The young household loan is not intended for a real estate purchase or the financing of a debt.


What amount and at what rate?

What amount and at what rate?

The young household loan is a fuel credit that can be as high as € 6,000 with a nominal rate of 1%. The family allowance fund (CAF) asks to benefit from it, to have a family quotient that does not exceed 720 €. For this fund, the amount allocated increases up to 90% of the purchase value of equipment.

What documents to provide for a young household loan?
There are some mandatory documents to provide for a young household loan:

  • First, a duly completed copy of the application.
  • A copy of the tax or non-taxation notice for the year preceding the application Consider adding the other notices in case of marriage.
  • A copy of the original attestation of commitment to the PACS (in case of the Civil Solidarity Pact) or the family booklet.


Who can provide a young household loan?

Who can provide a young household loan?

Among the young household loan providers are:

  • the family allowance fund
  • the solidarity funds of the civil servants
  • pension and provident funds
  • various social security funds


How is the refund?

How is the refund?

The repayment period can range from 30 to 48 months depending on the nature of the loan and the lender .
The monthly payments are equal and they start after the first month of the release of the money. The samples are taken from the borrower’s bank account.

Be aware that for some social funds (notary office …) the total refund is required in case of:

  • Death of borrowing
  • Abrupt modification without notice affecting the home of the borrower
  • The withdrawal of the borrower from the services of the credit union.

For other funds, 2% of the capital is retained on the loan payments of more than 1000 €, granted to people over 64 to cover the risk of total and irreversible loss of autonomy or death.

It is worth testing its repayment capacity by using the young household credit simulators present online.

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Mortgage consolidation on the North Shore (Montreal) to pay off debts http://www.fairyland-cattery.com/mortgage-consolidation-on-the-north-shore-montreal-to-pay-off-debts/ http://www.fairyland-cattery.com/mortgage-consolidation-on-the-north-shore-montreal-to-pay-off-debts/#respond Sat, 08 Jun 2019 01:39:50 +0000 http://www.fairyland-cattery.com/mortgage-consolidation-on-the-north-shore-montreal-to-pay-off-debts/

When your debt load begins to undermine your quality of life, it’s time to consult an expert who knows how to turn your finances around. Waiting for the situation to become critical will not serve anyone’s interests, especially not yours!

This is why you must take the lead on the situation by considering the different methods available, such as bankruptcy, the consumer proposal or the consolidation of debts. To find out which of these options would be best for you, read on and let us find the financial advisor who will guide you in your approach!

I’ve already gone bankrupt, what are the impacts of a second?


You did not think you had to declare bankruptcy in your life and you’re at your second without having had time to understand why? You are certainly wondering what the implications are with a second personal bankruptcy as well as the consequences on your finances.

First of all, be aware that the operation of a second personal bankruptcy is the same as for a first. This means that your assets will always be sold and liquidated to pay your debts and you will be required to pay a certain monthly amount to the trustee for the duration of the bankruptcy. It is also clear that your forgivable debts will be forgiven and that any lawsuits filed against you prior to the filing of bankruptcy documents with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy will be frozen.

Thus, all the advantages, disadvantages and procedures of a first bankruptcy are always present during a second bankruptcy. The problem lies in the consequences. Indeed, while a first bankruptcy appears in your credit report for 6 years, a so-called multiple bankruptcy will remain on your file for 14 years after your release.

The posting on the record is not the only consequence of a multiple bankruptcy. The time required to obtain a release will also be lengthened. If the delay was about 9 months for a first bankruptcy, this reprieve extends to 24 months in a second bankruptcy. We hope you’ll find not one, but if a 3rd bankruptcy was to point the nose in your financial picture, the duration will be 12 months, but the bankrupt must necessarily be present in court when the expiry of the term for a judge to establish the remaining duration of the bankruptcy.

While the consequences of a second personal bankruptcy only get worse compared to the first, it does not mean that it is not the solution that you need! You will still be relieved of most of your debt upon release and you will get another chance to rebuild a viable financial future!

I want to avoid bankruptcy with a consumer proposal, what are the steps to follow?

For a long time, the consumer proposal is presented as the last and last chance to avoid a personal bankruptcy. It is simply about offering your creditors the chance to settle your debt by paying only part of it, otherwise you will be forced to declare bankruptcy. This is done by hiring a licensed insolvency trustee to put the approach in place and contact the creditors with your offer.

But what are the steps to follow to reach a positive response from your creditors?


-Consult a licensed trustee in insolvency: This step is unavoidable. It is the trustee who will draft your proposal, ensuring that it complies with the many requirements of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act , and that it does everything in its power to ensure that the proposal is accepted.

– Filing documents: The trustee in bankruptcy will also be responsible for filing the legal documents with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. This will only be done if the trustee is of the opinion that your proposal is feasible. Only in such circumstances will the trustee file your proposal.

  -Development of the proposal: The trustee is also the one who will set the terms of the agreement, such as the duration of the proposal, the payment interval, the priority of the creditors, and this, ensuring that none of the conditions does not contravene the law. For example, the law prevents the implementation of a consumer proposal spanning more than 5 years.

  -Suspension of Remedies and Proceedings: When all previous steps have been completed and documents have been formally filed with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, the law provides that any lawsuit against you is stayed. This includes the seizure of your property and your salary.

  -Presentation of the proposal to creditors: This step is simply to send the proposal developed to your creditors, taking care to explain the reasons for such an approach.

  -Response from creditors: The creditors will vote among them to know if the proposal is sufficient to be accepted. They will have 45 days to submit their response.

  -Assembly of creditors (If requested): Within this same 45-day period, your creditors are entitled to demand the holding of a meeting or you will be invited. However, if no meeting is required, the consumer proposal will be considered automatically accepted.

  -Refus: A refusal simply means that you have to start the proposal process again if you wish to continue in this avenue. Contrary to some popular beliefs, the refusal of a proposal does not put the debtor bankrupt, so you will always have the opportunity to submit a new offer.


  -Acceptance: A simple majority of 51% of the creditors in favor of acceptance of the proposal is sufficient to be approved. This will formalize the proposal and you will now have to comply with the terms and conditions.

Debt consolidation, is this really the simplest solution?

Debt consolidation, is this really the simplest solution?

To offer you a short and satisfying answer: yes, debt consolidation is truly one of the simplest solutions! From there to assert, that this is the solution that suits you is another story, but when compared to the consumer proposal or bankruptcy, we talk about a much more accessible and profitable solution.

As mentioned, bankruptcy and the consumer proposal are both governed by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act , which makes them complex and technical options. In return, debt consolidation is a more informal process between an individual and the bank. Although there are legal formalities to be respected, they are in no way comparable to those implied by the two previous options.

All that debt consolidation requires is negotiating a loan so that you can repay your creditors. This can be done through a consolidation loan or a line of credit. The principle always comes down to the substitution that the bank makes by repaying your lenders for you.

The advantage of this option is obvious; savings on interest rates. So, for this option to be beneficial for you, you need to have your current debts tied to a high interest rate. If not, you will exchange eighty-five cents for a dollar coin, which will not advance your cause very far.

To put a slight downside in an avenue that seems too advantageous, know that despite its simplicity, debt consolidation in no way reduces the amount you owe. Although a substantial saving in interest rates is achieved, your debt will still have to be repaid in full, something that the consumer proposal and bankruptcy allow you to avoid.

To find a financial advisor, it all starts with Bye Bye Debts!

Your over-indebtedness stops here!


You are running out of reasons for not going ahead with a financial recovery plan and you know it very well! So, stop looking for excuses and let us find the right expert for you!

On the North Shore of Montreal, so-called debt professionals abound. Be careful, do you go to real trusted professionals. The network of financial advisors on the North Shore, reliable mortgage brokers and bankruptcy trustees Bye Bye Debts will allow you to have peace of mind. They will explain and advise you on the different solutions available to you.

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Poor Credit Card Debt Consolidation The Solution for Many http://www.fairyland-cattery.com/poor-credit-card-debt-consolidation-the-solution-for-many/ http://www.fairyland-cattery.com/poor-credit-card-debt-consolidation-the-solution-for-many/#respond Sat, 01 Jun 2019 01:53:32 +0000 http://www.fairyland-cattery.com/poor-credit-card-debt-consolidation-the-solution-for-many/

There are various debt packages that can be created specifically to help indebted business owners. Therefore, marketers can rely on these applications to get rid of debt. With this particular software you are able to pay an individual, you are able to prevent bankruptcy by trying to get that loan to make transactions for companies, lenders and suppliers. If you choose finance that are guaranteed the interest rate can also be low.

Every teenager will not be able to start having their vote raised by placing the phone in their name. This is a huge package so that they can be entitled to car loans, mortgages and credit cards well in advance compared to other people. It is advisable to check your score first to make sure you don’t improve the prizes when you have to become a CoSign on something. If you have a relationship that is poor you will be able to change for credit repair. Credit-repair is actually a quick and simple approach that only takes a couple of weeks and is extremely convenient.

Manage your financial problems against your income

Manage your financial problems against your income

They are experts at nuts and bolts to manage your financial problems against your income. They will probably send a request to complete before the first consultation once you have placed a declared psychologist. On these document covers you will file every debt you have, their interestrates, the balance owed, the credit you have left over (if any), and the minimum monthly obligations. You will also need to record household income.

It shows to be an important advantage for all those borrowers who suffer from poor credit. It will help to avoid their further deteriorating credit scenario as well as improve their financial situation instantly. By using a simple mortgage as opposed to multiple loans, a borrower can quickly pay all obligations under this agreement. Debt consolidation allows you to assemble your credit quickly!

Cheap loans are difficult to obtain

Cheap loans are difficult to obtain

It is true that cheap loans are difficult to obtain. However, the proliferation of credit institutions has produced the extremely competitive mortgage market. So a little research will allow you to find the unsecured low cost loan lenders out. In particular, if you want to access a small volume, you have every chance of getting an agreement that is easy.

Consumers also examine building groups to get cheap car finance. Credit rates and loan organizations change, so not all creditors allow you to acquire cheap auto loan.
Who would prepare such a thing? No one could. The portfolio came to exist due to Snafu communication. Storage selections made money -flush professionals in the walk out, as a wave of stimulus funds urged them at random. Beijing has lost control of how these resources were used (passed as cheap loans).

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Mortgage Loan http://www.fairyland-cattery.com/mortgage-loan/ http://www.fairyland-cattery.com/mortgage-loan/#respond Wed, 22 May 2019 12:02:13 +0000 http://www.fairyland-cattery.com/mortgage-loan/ For those who dream of having their home, home ownership has become easy with home equity and lower rates – read more here

Homeownership has become easy with home equity. For those who dream of having a cozy home, the current rate cut is a boon to make this dream come true. The mortgage is granted to finance all or part of real estate work or the acquisition of real estate .


What is a mortgage?

What is a mortgage?

The mortgage is a credit provided by a credit institution or a dedicated financial institution. It is granted over a long period with a simple or variable rate. The real estate loan allocated is fixed or variable amount depending on the case. To borrow from general banks for example, you need to provide a guarantee covering at least 10% of the loan in addition to costs related to notarial deeds and taxation.

The mortgage is governed by the law resulting from the directives 2014/17 / EU of the European Union. It exists:

  • the amortizing loan with monthly maturity or conventional loan
  • the fixed and invariant fixed rate loan
  • the rate-adjustable loan based on a key rate plus the lender’s marginal rate
  • the loan at a rate that can be revised on a fixed date. The revision is based on a financial index
  • Framed rate loan, the value of which is known in advance for all or part of the term of the loan
  • the floating rate loan, either upwards or downwards.
  • the loan in fine whose capital is repayable at once at the end of the maturity. Interest is paid during the loan.
  • the short-term bridge loan granted pending receipt of cash.
  • repayable loan by level
  • the flexible loan.

These credits are intended for the simple purchase, the construction, the rental investments, the operations of purchase / sale, the renovation, the purchase of balance etc.


Who to turn to if you need a home loan?

Who to turn to if you need a home loan?

A specialized credit institution should be used to provide a wide range of financing tailored to various needs. It can provide variable rate loans that combine flexibility, attractiveness and very beneficial rate cuts.

This specialized credit institution is able to cover 100% of the amount of a project without asking for a personal contribution . You can with him, postpone the first monthly payments, adapt these monthly payments to your income or even postpone part of monthly payments in case of temporary difficulties. If you have other credits already contracted or if you want to contract, the financial institution can offer you a refund including other loans. Also, you can sell your property, keep the proceeds of sale and transfer the balance of the remaining credit on your new real estate acquisition.

In general, the financial institution asks you to take out insurance. Guarantees are either the conventional mortgage on real estate (obligatory for loans to the social accession), or the bond of a financial institution. This deposit is made in exchange for payment of contributions to the organization.

There are other guarantees like delegating your life insurance policy, your portfolio etc.


How to estimate the cost of your mortgage?

How to estimate the cost of your mortgage?

The cost of a home loan is composed of the credit rate, the cost of insurance (group insurance contract), guarantees and fees.

We distinguish the nominal rate which is the interest rate of the loan and the total effective rate (TEG) consisting of the rate of the credit, the expenses of study of the file, the notarial fees and the cost of the insurance if it is mandatory. The offers always mention the TEG.

Be aware that credit institutions can claim compensation when you anticipate repayment of a loan. They may also claim penalties for default, but by buying a floating rate loan, the prepayment penalty is often reduced to zero.

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This Needs To Know About Online Loans http://www.fairyland-cattery.com/this-needs-to-know-about-online-loans/ http://www.fairyland-cattery.com/this-needs-to-know-about-online-loans/#respond Sat, 06 Apr 2019 01:10:25 +0000 http://www.fairyland-cattery.com/this-needs-to-know-about-online-loans/

For some people working in an office is an irresistible thing. The reason is that working in an office requires someone to comply with various types of regulations, the company has not yet followed orders from superiors who are sometimes annoying. This type of person will usually be more suitable if they have their own business because they can work according to their own will, get the desired financial stability and develop their investments. However, before success is achieved, there may be financial challenges that must be overcome by business owners, especially during the startup phase which is considered as the most difficult phase in building a business.

The challenge for almost every entrepreneur is financing. This is the lifeline where every business develops. The business idea that you have might be promising but without funding this would be a challenge you must overcome. No doubt many are hesitant to enter the business world because of the challenges that must be faced later or not yet able to start a business because of capital constraints considering that it is not easy for small businesses to get business capital loans from financial institutions such as banks.

For those of you who have a business in the startup phase or even just have the desire to start and have strong financial at the beginning, consider yourself lucky because most of the beginner businesses have difficulty in getting access to business capital loans. Unlike in the past when the only business capital loan was a traditional bank loan, various sources of business capital were now available to help encourage small businesses to grow, such as online loans, for example.

The high number of business capital loan needs for MSMEs makes various alternative funding sources increasingly prevalent by providing various kinds of benefits ranging from the short time of the loan approval process, submission of requested documents through an application or website to the minimum requirements requested. You can even look for unsecured loan funds. Unfortunately, there are online loans that are purely aimed at helping MSMEs to be able to spread their wings, but there are also those who try to take advantage of these dreams. Beginner business owners who want to apply for business capital loans to online loan platforms must also be careful of online loan entanglements that will ultimately make your business want to be profitable instead of being stumped.

If you have a dream to be able to grow your business into a Unicorn or even Decacorn, of course this dream will require a lot of funds for its development. Some try to approach Angel Investors (individuals who have funds to lend as capital for startups) or Venture Capital / Venture Capital (Institution providing capital for potential startups). However, usually access to investor financing in the beginner phase can only be obtained by certain businesses that have the potential to become one of the important players in the industry, for example such as businesses engaged in the technology industry. Then what about MSMEs?

Other Alternative Financing Sources

Other Alternative Financing Sources

Apart from its small scale, MSMEs actually have the potential to develop. Although access to business capital loans through investors is not possible (except in certain cases), MSMEs can look for unsecured fund loans by utilizing online loans as an alternative financing platform. Detailed research on the platform that you will use to get a business capital loan, the danger of online loans to the wrong platform, the mechanism for repaying loans and the ability of your business to repay the loan are important things to do.

Beware of the Dangers of Online Loan Bondage

Beware of the Dangers of Online Loan Bondage

Yes, it can be said that this era is a versatile and easy-going era. Including the problem of borrowing money previously must be done by coming to the bank to submit the required documents. Not to mention still having to go back and forth if the proposal is problematic. Thanks to the financial technology industry, just by clicking on one button on the cellphone, the funds can go straight into the account How do you detect an online loan that is plunging? You can see how much interest is charged from the loan principal. In addition, you must also pay attention to the amount of interest for late payments.

In some cases, there are online loans that initially offer small interest, then when we have paid it off, they will provide a larger loan offer. After several uses, interest can increase from the initial 30 percent to 40 percent with a shorter payment period. This is of course dangerous, because the income that your business gets has the potential to be eroded only to pay off the debt of the business capital loan. Moreover, the number of loans for business is usually not up to hundreds of millions.

In addition to the stifling interest, online lending platform that is bulging also use billing unethical way in which it can be classified as an offense. However, sometimes the borrower does not pay attention to this and unconsciously gives access to a bogus online loan platform to access borrower contacts that will later be used to ‘terrorize’ the borrower when late making payments. ‘Terror’ will be done by contacting all contacts on the borrower’s cellphone and disseminating information that the person is making an online loan and has not paid the bill. Even being strangled by high interest still has to bear shame. Not just to be here, bulging online loan platform will call the borrower every day and many times.

Know the Two Types of Online Loans

Know the Two Types of Online Loans

If you often follow the news, bulging online lending platform has been “eating” a lot of victims of the terror by phone many times that threatened to do not fit in public spaces. But make no mistake, not all online loan platforms are stupid ! You need to know that Fintech / Financial Technology is divided into two types, namely online loan platforms for consumer needs (electronic goods, shopping etc.) and online loan platforms for business needs. So far the most negative news about the dangers of online loans in the media is the online loan platform for consumer needs. But it never hurts to remain vigilant when choosing an online loan platform that is right for your business needs.

How to avoid online loan bondage

How to avoid online loan bondage

To avoid online loan entanglement, you must ensure that the platform you are applying for is a trusted platform, one of which is Astro Financial Technology, which provides business capital loans for small business owners with interest free for returns in less than 60 days called the Net -60. When compared with other financial technologies, interest exemption for returns in less than 60 days is still new and no one has even implemented it.

Those of you who apply for business capital loans in Astro can also take advantage of various attractive features such as Drawdown, where you can withdraw funds up to the limit of credit limit quickly without hassle and without the need to be reviewed by the Astro team. This feature will greatly facilitate you in conditions of crisis in need of funds as soon as possible.

In addition, there is the Get Paid feature, which allows you to ask buyers to pay a collectible amount using Astro balance. Later you will receive a payment that has been deducted by an administrative fee of 2.9% of the amount received and the buyer can make installments on his bill for 2 months net-60 or 2 months in installments.

The next unique feature is Pay, which allows buyers to pay sellers / suppliers / vendors with their Aspir balances where funds received by sellers / suppliers / vendors have been deducted with administrative fees.

Do you still remember the advice given earlier about the amount of interest charged to the borrower? In Astro, the borrower will only be charged an interest of 1% if he cannot return the loan in less than 60 days. This interest rate is the lowest when compared to similar credit products such as KTA loans from banks that charge 1.12% to 1.89%, KUR Government which charges 0.58% interest and other online loan platforms (P2P lending) which charges interest at 1.7% to 2%.

In order to support financial inclusion (a government program that aims to open access to financial products and services to the widest possible extent for all levels of society), you can apply for a venture capital loan to Astro without the need for collateral. The selected tenors range from 60 days to 6 months and the amount of loans that can be submitted varies from Rp. 20 million to Rp. 500 million.

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